27 Civil Engineering Dissertation Ideas You Can Explore

Writing a dissertation can become quite tricky if you don’t remember a few things. There are multiple steps involved, and things can (and will ) take a turn for the worse if you don’t have the necessary patience to finish this properly. Probably the most important part of a dissertation is choosing the topic you are going to write about. Since the whole paper will evolve around this main idea, here are a few interesting ideas you can explore and research on your own and see what you think about them, to make your life a little bit easier :

  1. The tallest tower in the world.
  2. Solving the wind problem. Wind is a very, very powerful source of energy, and it can become your best friend or your worst enemy.
  3. How to build a bridge that can sustain a big “shake”.
  4. Rooftops at a very low price.
  5. Reinforced roofing tiles and sheets.
  6. How to build a school that has everything a student needs ( playground for kids, a tennis or football field for bigger students, etc ) at a low cost.
  7. Regulation for a canal or a tank sluice that is automatic and only needs regular maintenance.
  8. Grain or other products storage at a very low cost.
  9. Irrigation low cost system.
  10. Centrifugal irrigation efficiency.
  11. Erosion Resistance bricks or constructing materials that will resist through time.
  12. Organic wasted used for producing bio gas.
  13. Rural settlements, how can you turn them into efficient productions for the national economy.
  14. Water supplies.
  15. Rural houses. How cheap can you build one?
  16. Rural houses. What kind of a “shake” can they sustain? Given that there will be a huge earthquake in the near future in that particular are where the houses are build.
  17. How can you reinforce an existing structure to sustain high amounts of radiation.
  18. Brick panel, the cheapest and the most convenient.
  19. Air pollution, how bad does it affect the surroundings ?
  20. Air pollution filters, how can you stop it effectively ?
  21. Natural resources of a village.
  22. Water supplies. The qualitative measuring.
  23. Ground water problems.
  24. Earth Walls. Are they effective?
  25. Uneven surfaces. How can you even them at a low price, and efficiently at the same time?
  26. Research in tall building. How can you improve them?
  27. Unit hydrograph. How can you use them?

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