Creating An Impressive Dissertation Proposal On Hospitality

Hospitality is an important study in both the home and the commercial arena, we all like to receive proper service when we go out or visit a friend or family. It can be quite confusing as well, since different cultures and classes of people expect different things. For example, someone from the eastern part of the world would require different furniture than someone from the west. These have been subjects of intense study for years, mainly by hotels and companies in the tourism industry and the field is constantly changing. The following points are some tips that will surely help you create an impressive dissertation proposal on hospitality:

  1. Different culture
  2. Consideration for different cultures is an important aspect of these studies since a person’s belief and ideology can greatly affect the things that may or may not offend or insult them. Things that you may consider normal or average can truly turn the tide of a foreigner’s visit.

  3. Food and living condition's
  4. Strange food can not only be shocking, repulsive or offensive, it also has the ability to affect someone’s biological functions, sometimes quite harshly. A study of the food types and effects from around the world is also very important in the study of hospitality and should be highly considered.

  5. Speech and greetings
  6. We all say “hello” and “goodbye” and it is pretty normal for us to respond to these greetings, However to some nationals, these greeting may be considered offensive, disrespectful or maybe even inadequate and it is important to know how to greet someone properly, especially persons of high status.

  7. Cultural extremes
  8. Some places on earth are so different form what you may be accustomed to that you may find yourself blocking your eyes. In the same way, should people from these cultures require accommodation, it is important understand what they may expect, or do and be prepared to facilitate them. This is an excellent field for study that will yield many interesting results and should make for an interesting paper.

  9. Exposure to foreign customs
  10. When people leave their home country to visit another location, they may not know how to act or may become frightened by what may be considered normal behavior. It is important to understand how different cultures will interact and this route of investigation can take you to some complicated scenarios since interaction between different cultures is highly unpredictable. This can be a worthy course of study for your dissertation proposal.


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