How To Create A Top-Quality Geology Dissertation Proposal

Students are often asked to create proposals before writing their dissertations. This is a useful step that helps you create an outline for your paper and prove to your committee that you’ll do interesting and important research. Not all students know how to do this, so if you need to create a good proposal for your geology paper, you may read the tips given in this article.

  1. Write what your paper is about.
  2. Write about questions that you’ll examine in your research.
  3. Give references to theoretical background related to your topic.
  4. Describe the methodology that you’ll use in your research.
  5. Write about potential results of your work.

Here you may look at sections that your geology dissertation proposal should include:

  1. The title.
  2. You should think carefully to create a good title. It should be short, catchy and describe the contents of your work. The title might be changed a little bit in the process of the study, but you should take this step seriously nevertheless.

  3. The objectives of your research.
  4. Here you should list the objectives that you’re going to reach in your research. Make sure that you have no more than three objectives. If you have many objectives, your topic is probably too broad, and you should narrow it.

  5. The background.
  6. In this section you should write about the main theory materials that you’re going to use when working on your dissertation. You may also need to add the full bibliography at the end of your proposal.

  7. Details of the study.
  8. Here you should describe the details of your research. You may take your thesis statement, divide it into parts, and explain each part to your readers.

  9. Your methodology.
  10. In this section you should write about the methods that you’re going to use in your research. If the format of your proposal allows you to use bullet points, you may just make a list of activities that you’re going to perform.

  11. Potential results.
  12. Here you should write about the probable outcomes that you want to generate from your study. Avoid guessing exact results, however, because if you knew the answers, it wouldn’t make sense to write a dissertation.

  13. Time you need to write your paper.
  14. You may be asked to indicate how much time it’ll take you to complete your work. It’s advisable to include something like a concept map, so that you could show a time frame for each part of your study.


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