Creating A Doctoral Dissertation Prospectus: A Complete Tutorial

When writing a doctoral dissertation - which is a comprehensive academic paper written by students studying for a Ph.D. - there will sometimes be a need to write a dissertation prospectus. It is worth pointing out that whilst most Ph.D. students will be required to write a dissertation, not all students who are required to write one will also have to write a prospectus; however, if you do need to complete such an academic paper, and one of the requirements of completing the work is to write a prospectus, then you may be wondering how to approach the work.

The following provides a tutorial comprised of information about how to complete this particular process.

Understanding what needs to be included and why

Essentially, your prospectus will attempt to explain what your dissertation will be about, as well as trying to justify why you will be completing the work. Therefore, any details that you include in your prospectus should provide the reader with an understanding of what the work will entail, and how it will be useful.

In order to enlighten the reader further in relation to what your work will be about, you will need to include details of any aims or questions that you will be attempting to solve as a result of completing the work. For example, you may include any hypothesis that your work will aim to prove or disprove, or you may include the main title of your work, as well as any subheadings or secondary questions that you will intend to answer.

As well as providing details of what the focus of your work will be about, you will also need to include details of how you will attempt to answer any questions that you ask, or how you will attempt to prove or disprove any hypothesis that you put forward. For example, you will need to include details of any research methods that you intend to use, and why you have chosen to use them. You will then also need to demonstrate how these

research methods will be used in order to try and provide you with the necessary information and results.

Another important aspect of the prospectus is the inclusion of a timeframe related to when you will do the work. This timeframe will need to be relatively detailed, as well as being entirely realistic and achievable.

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