A List Of Great Free Finance And Accounting Dissertation Topics

Being finance and accounting student in university could be a rather tough task and it would certainly require a lot of hard work from you. Just think of all the calculations and eye for details that is required to become an accountant. Also, think of all the regulations that you need to know when you become a finance expert! It is certainly a tough job and demands a lot. However, when you are still a student, you will need to write a dissertation on these topics first (to graduate!). Here is a list of topics that you might be interested in doing:

Banking regulations

Since the financial crisis in 2008, the regulations on banks have been tightened and it is seriously strict nowadays. What you can talk about in your dissertation is to mention about the Basel III and talk about how it has influenced the financial sector. Obviously, there is a lot to talk about and you have room to develop your research question as well! That’s pretty much what students want!


If you were more interested in the tax laws and regulations, then you should consider doing your dissertation on this topic. It’s very complicated and it requires a little bit of research before you can actually do it. However, with proper guidance from your lecturer, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Foreign Exchange

This applies to most finance students, not necessarily accountants. Foreign exchange is commonly used as an investment tool to make money quickly (or lose!). You should talk about the mechanisms of this and how it works in the financial market. Obviously, this would be a great dissertation topic and if you were able to write a great one, it would certainly impress your lecturers.

Financial market

Apart from foreign exchange, you could just discuss about the financial market in general! Of course it is a difficult concept and you might not understand everything, but as long as you have the will to learn, then it shouldn’t be too bad for you. You have to do some research beforehand though; otherwise, you won’t be able to proceed.

I hope that you have found this guide to be rather helpful to setting your own dissertation topic. Hopefully, it is useful in giving you a research question and direction as well!

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