How To Create An Eye-Catching Dissertation Cover Page

Okay, so you have worked like a dog to write a creative, well-argued dissertation. The competition in your chosen speciality is fierce, and you are afraid that you are going to be made to look inferior by at least half of your class. While, I am sure that your fears are precisely that…fears, you do need to ensure that your paper is beautifully presented and that the cover page is visually stimulating and appealing.

If you were publishing a book, then you wouldn’t hesitate to have it properly edited and formatted prior to publication. Why should your college papers be any different? It is like spending hours baking some cupcakes only to slap the frosting on in a haphazard manner because it is late, or you want to go out.

So how can you create a cover page that will not only blow the socks off your lecturer, but also blow the competition out of the water forever? Yes, a bit of healthy competition is perfectly acceptable at this stage!

Check out samples

Get the professor to one side either before or after your next class. Explain your predicament and explain that you would like to see some examples of how papers that have been handed in by former students have been laid out. I can guarantee, that one, they will have some that they can make available to you and two, they will be impressed with your professional manner.

Search the internet

I am not the biggest fan of using the internet for your college work, but I make an exception with this because there is a bunch of sites where you view eye-catching papers for FREE. Trust me, there is no need to get sucked into paying for this.

Time is of the essence.

Put as much effort into ensuring that your paper is beautifully laid out as you do into writing it, and you should reap the rewards in terms of higher grades. Don’t be tempted to cut corners, and make sure that when you do sit down to do it, you do so when you are feeling relaxed and not remotely distracted.

Take a bath.

Yes, it is fine to raise your eyebrows in consternation at me! Taking a bath, and ensuring that you are fully relaxed is an essential part of this process. A long soak will help the creative juices start to flow and make you more receptive for the task ahead.

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