Dissertation Titles About Fashion- 20 Good Suggestions

Your dissertation will be an assignment that you will be asked to write once you are getting close to the end of your degree program. The idea behind having students write this type of paper is to get them to conduct a unique study on a topic in their field of study. It forces them to conduct research in their field to get some detailed information about it. It gives them a deeper understanding while adding information to the overall knowledge pool in the field.

When you are choosing a topic, you can benefit from reading through a few example topics to start to get you thinking about what you want to write your paper on. You may want to be more specific for your paper or a little broader just to ensure that it is unique. You can also change one part of the topic and modifying the paper to discuss that instead. Here are twenty good suggestions to get you started:

  1. Malaysia International Jewellery Fair: what does it do for the industry
  2. Plus size models: breaking into the profession
  3. Shopping browser: iPhone app changes the shopping experience
  4. Wedding industry: Azazie custom dresses for less
  5. Digital Fashion Week: possible effects of World’s first digital fashion show
  6. Fashion for your home: Jean Paul Gaultier
  7. Child labor and fashion
  8. Fur for fashion: animal rights dispute
  9. Icon: how do they effect trends
  10. Fashion trend evolution: why styles come back
  11. Ideals revealed: look into new trends
  12. 1920’s trends
  13. Trends going into the future
  14. World War I and its effects
  15. Clothing material choices and effects
  16. Innovations in the industry
  17. Famous designers marketing techniques
  18. Men’s clothing industry: comparison to women’s fashion
  19. Need for revamping industry uniforms
  20. Globalization of the industry: emerging markets

When you are working to develop your topic, it will be necessary to conduct some research. This will help to make sure that you find a topic that has enough information behind it to support your claims. When you are developing your title, you want to be very specific and look at one area or one group. You can get more specified information when you start to narrow down your topic to subtopics and see how various concepts effect various companies.

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