List Of Fifteen Interesting Dissertation Topics On Oil And Gas

What are the two most important natural resources in the world today? If you pose this question to even a teenager, they will be able to reply with oil and gas. In the study of natural resources and construction of sustainability over these resources, students are often asked to write essays and academic papers on oil and gas. Being two very important resources, oil and gas need to be treated very carefully in academic papers.

The first hurdle would be choice of title. It is a given that the title will have an impact on the very subject of the essay. Once chosen, the title must be followed by facts and figures that directly relate to the title. Here are some titles that you may refer. For more titles, refer to this website and a find a wealth of other relevant titles on gas and oil.

  1. Are operations in oil and gas companies influenced by the CSR activities in these companies?
  2. A case study on the CSR of a major oil and gas company based out of the Niger Delta
  3. How can CSR be effective in mediation of ties between host government and large oil companies?
  4. Corporate citizenship: Is new age CSR activity a guarantee for better relationships with other sectors?
  5. Social development: how have oil and gas companies stepped on the peddle for managing the growth and development in developing nations
  6. How should local governments motivate oil and gas companies to take up varied CSR activities in different parts of the nation?
  7. How does CSR in oil and gas companies bear an impact on the supply an chain management f the company?
  8. Should the logistics strategies of Oil and Gas companies be all the more effective in protecting the rights of the environment?
  9. Oil and gas offshore operations: the theoretical concerns in supply chain management that can be applied
  10. Operating agreements and dispute resolution tactics for oil and gas companies
  11. The downstream and upstream pipeline management: the extent to which it influences export propositions
  12. Modern day oil and gas: how viable does the implementation of sustainable and long-term development strategies seem viable?
  13. Oil and gas supply chain: the part played by skills in supply chain management
  14. Risk management for oil and gas sector amid political instability of third-world nations
  15. What part does the oil and gas sector play in global climate change?

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