The Basic Do's And Don'ts Of Writing A Dissertation Methodology

Writing your dissertation methodology is no mean feat, but it’s essential to the success of your whole body of work. There are a few basic tips that will help you make the whole process much easier. So, have a look at this handy list of the basic dos and don’ts of writing your dissertation methodology.

  • Do: Understand what a dissertation methodology is
  • The methodology is a vital section of your dissertation, as it describes the process you used to conduct your research. It should also include a justification for why you chose that specific approach, and any other possible approaches you could have chosen instead.

  • Do: Study some decent examples before you start
  • One really excellent way to learn how to do something properly is to study a few top quality examples. So, you should try to find some good examples of this section so that you can learn from them. The easiest way to do this is to look on the Internet, as there are countless free examples available online.

  • Do: Include all the required information
  • There are some important pieces of information that you must include in this section, namely:

    • A statement of your research objectives
    • The rationale for the research approach that you used
    • The rationale and description of every data collection tool that you used
    • The sample techniques that you used
    • A description of how you administered each data collection tool
    • A description of your data sources or participants
    • A discussion of the limitations of your approach
    • The rationale and description of the data analysis tools that you used
  • Don’t: Compose this section before you’ve conducted your research
  • While it may be tempting to start writing this section before you’ve conducted your research, it’s actually a bad idea. You may think that you know exactly what approach you’ll use and why, but conducting research is tricky, so you may find that you have to make a few changes along the way.

  • Don’t: Rush this section
  • As this section of your work is crucial to it’s (and your) credibility, do not rush it! Rather take your time and do it properly. If you do, your whole body of work will be much more credible, as this section explains exactly how and why you chose to conduct your research in the manner that you did. And your entire paper is based on this research.


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