Where To Search For An Example Of A Good Dissertation Literature Review

A literature review is part of a dissertation that analyzes everything that was published on this matter before. It also points out gaps in the knowledge and justifies certain research. Actually, it’s a big part of work that includes citation and a lot of research. There are certain rules on how to write one properly, and those are easy to find on the Internet. However, the dissertation itself, like any scientific document, is protected by copyright, so you may not find a good example on the Web right away. Here is some advice on how to do it.

  1. Visit local science library.
  2. Local scientific libraries usually have archives (sometimes even digital), where you can find a work you need. Remember that any dissertation contains a literature review. You are welcome to study it, but you probably won’t be allowed to make any form of copies. Don’t forget about online digital libraries, which can be accessed from your laptop.

  3. Ask at the university.
  4. Each university has their own science library that keeps every scientific document, published within the university walls in an archive. You can probably find a good example, even in your field of work. Remember that if you just look through the paragraph and don’t use any of its contents in your own work – you are free of guilt. But using ideas conveyed in the other’s dissertation without permission can be a patent or copyright violation, which can be a cause for legal action.

  5. Ask the professionals.
  6. If you are writing a dissertation, then you probably know someone who did it before. The scientific community is usually friendly and helpful (as long as you don’t steal from others), so asking for an advice is not a bad idea. Someone can let you read their literature review, and even explain how to write one your own.

  7. Don’t forget the Internet.
  8. The Internet is a valuable source of data. There are lots of data of any kind, and sometimes, as helpful as it is, the Internet can prove malicious. There can be lots of contradictory sources that can’t always be trusted. To find something worthy on the Internet, one must be well educated and have his own knowledge basis that can help to filter misleads. If you don’t have such experience yet, you should better stick with the former options, because they will certainly provide a proofed and checked content.


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