How To Write My Dissertation Effortlessly: A Guide For Lazy Students

A dissertation is the most difficult research paper that students have to write. Usually, students spend a lot of effort when they work on their dissertations. However, they often make this work even more difficult by using the wrong approach. If you don’t want to make unnecessary moves, it’s advisable to read the tips given in this article.

  1. Choose a topic you like.
  2. First of all, you should choose a topic that will be interesting for you. In this case, it’ll be easier for you to do research and gather necessary information. Otherwise, you may find it very difficult and boring to investigate something that you’re not interested in. Obviously, this will seriously affect your paper.

  3. Don’t delay your work.
  4. Even if you’re extremely lazy, you’ll find that it’s much better to spend a little time on your paper every day. If you delay your work, you’ll be forced to write huge amounts of text in a very short time period in order to finish your dissertation in time.

  5. Don’t pay attention to mistakes.
  6. Write the text of your paper freely without concentrating on possible mistakes. You’ll check them later anyway, so don’t waste precious time you can spend on writing or having some extra rest. In this way, the main part of your work – that is, actual writing – will be completed much faster.

  7. Keep the materials for your paper in order.
  8. If the materials you use for your dissertation include books and other papers, it’s advisable to keep them in one place. The same applies to electronic data. Keep all the information in one folder, so that you won’t forget where it is. This will save lots of time.

  9. Use software or online services to correct grammar mistakes.
  10. There are many programs and applications that can detect and correct grammar mistakes. Use them to make this part of your work easier and faster.

  11. Let someone else proofread your paper.
  12. Sometimes, you may not notice some weak parts of your text, because you’re the one who has written it. That’s why it’s advisable to give your paper to somebody else when it comes to proofreading. It can be a friend who reads a lot of books or a professional editor if necessary. They will look on your work from an absolutely different angle and will spot things that were unnoticeable to you.

Remember, there is no way to write an excellent dissertation without some effort. However, using these tips will make it much easier for you.


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