Coming Up With Powerful Dissertation Topics: Essential Advice

Truly powerful ideas for dissertation topics are a problem for many postgraduates. The value and power of a particular subject depends greatly on the novelty of the problem that is researched in the project. That’s why, if you are searching for a good topic, you need to think about areas that have been underexplored by other researchers. Still, you should not invent anything overly hard. If you don’t have enough resource of information related to your subject, you will have a hard time coping with the challenge and compose a good dissertation.

Let’s see how you can find the most interesting and powerful subjects for your research.

  • Turn to your supervisor.
  • A person with more experience in the area of your research can recommend to you a good topic which has not received enough attention recently but which is worth working upon. Besides this, your supervisor might have a kind of personal interest in your research in order to use it in the educational process later.

  • Search on your own.
  • You are free to explore the Internet in the field of your research and look for subjects that seem to be interesting. You can either search for already existing subjects on the Web, or turn to specialists in your area of knowledge.

  • Give attention to trendy topics.
  • Trendy topics embrace processes and phenomena that are taking place in society, science, and industry at the moment of your writing. These subjects are highly evaluated by professors, yet they have one significant drawback: because they are fresh, existing research material on them is limited.

  • Evaluate topics for their research potential.
  • Choose a subject that can make your research a book or a source of material for further research. It’s great if your dissertation discovers new directions for more detailed research in the future. At the same time, it’s very good if your current dissertation comes out of your previous research. The one thing that you should keep in mind when using your old projects is to avoid copying your own work.

  • Avoid opposing professors.
  • When you are about to choose a subject of your research, make sure that your point of view does not oppose beliefs your professors have. Sometimes they appreciate daring young talents, but in most cases you need to be a true star to oppose a professor and win.

In general, choose a subject that reflects everything you have already done in your field and everything you are going to do, showing your scientific potential to a professor.

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