Where To Find A Good Example Of A Dissertation Proposal

Dissertations are stressful enough, but at least your tutor will be there to make sure you don’t go too far wrong or make too many mistakes. However, the student is left alone to write their proposal, which can be very nerve-wracking. Despair not, however, because the internet is full of examples of this type of writing, ready to be of use and all for nothing! Below is some advice on how to find a good example of a dissertation proposal.

Know what you’re looking for

It sounds obvious enough, but you need to know what you want, since there are many, many different types of dissertations. Bear these tips in mind when you search for your examples:

  • The example you find obviously does not need to be on the same topic as yours, but it does need to be in a similar field. Therefore, if you are majoring in Biology, you should not use an English proposal as a guideline.
  • Bear in mind your audience! Certain universities look for different things in dissertation proposals. Sometimes, good (and sometimes bad) examples are given on school websites to help the student understand what they are looking for.
  • Remember that there are different levels of education at which dissertations are written. Are you looking for a proposal for undergraduate or graduate, for instance? What type of qualification (Mst, MA, MRes...) are you applying for?

Once you’ve found one...

Be careful! Sometimes the examples found online can just be plain wrong. Therefore, you need to know what to look out for to check quickly whether you have a good or bad piece of writing, especially because reading them all is going to take far too long!

  • You shouldn’t have to scroll down 20 pages of text. Most proposals are brief and to the point, but full of relevant and necessary information. If there are a lot of fillers, you’ll want to move on to a better one.
  • There are often different sections of these proposals. Such as the general overview of the argument, the literature review, questions that the author hopes to answer, etc. If what you are reading is just one big block of text with no apparent sub-headings or different sections, then it probably is not doing what it should be.
  • There should not be any pictures and diagrams. The research has not yet been done: that is for the dissertation itself.

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