How To Choose Strong Dissertation Topics On Networking

The best part of dissertation writing is to choose a topic of your liking. After receiving degree, most of the students love to ponder over this aspect for a pretty long time which is fair enough too. If you are expected to search a dissertation topic on networking, look for the areas you are good in and can correlate better theoretical and practical terms showing your expertise. Offer your original contribution and present a polished piece of work.

What you are expected to do?

Reciprocate your thoughts: It could be exchanging expressions as in person, on Facebook, Twitter or through other means. Consult deans, faculty and your professors and implement their advice. Avoid topics with dead ends. Look for the networking topics that fascinate you and keep you engrossed with informational pieces for three years ahead. Think for the roadblocks and surprises too.

Check out some jumpstart tips and make your decision regarding dissertation topics-

  1. Do an intense reading: Underlining is not sufficient, instead prepare notes for all the fledging idea that pops up in your mind. Write how you can use them later. Put a star on important points.
  2. Timely start: The list of jumping off points during your graduation years saves a lot of your time. Start thinking for the dissertation topics right from your graduation years.
  3. Communicate: Think all the way long and consult your peers, scholarly students, advisors, friends and mentors and throw the whole bunch of ideas one by one on them.
  4. Systematic approach is the key: Organize your notes and refer it later.
  5. Refer works of previous students: Have a look at the dissertation topics in networking written by previous students. Pay attention on how conclusions are written. They will indicate regarding the topics of your future research. Go through articles, journals, conferences and presentations.
  6. Adapt methodology: While referring the resources, write highlights of theory, their methodology, writing style and other important aspects.
  7. Write regularly whatever comes in your mind: Pour thoughts regularly and jot them down collectively and refer later. The daily creative thoughts will be a significant step towards choosing the topic.
  8. Think deliberately: The topic is the decisive factor that determines your job and the career. Ensure that the topic you choose is in high demand and caters the need of networking specialization completely.
  9. Do what your gut instinct suggests you: An interesting topic will always direct you in right direction. If it is not well positioned, employ some strategies and twist the topic a little bit.
  10. Ensure you can finish it on time: The topic should be simple and interesting.

Remember, your dissertation question should not be in a closed ended format.


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