Finding A Good Sample Dissertation Acknowledgement Page

Your dissertation is not just a simple project, but something much more important and complex. Your future career depends on this and you have to work for a few good months to take this to an end. Naturally, one of the things that you have to think about is how to thank the people who helped you with this project. You can do this through an acknowledgement page, but first you have to find some samples.

  • Ask your friends. For sure you have some friends who already finished college and they had to work hard on their dissertation. They can show you how they create their acknowledgement page, as well as give you tips on how to complete your project. Make sure that you only look at the structure and the general appearance; it’s never a good idea to copy information from other papers, especially when you can’t be completely sure that the information is correct. However, you can use a research paper example to get ideas for your own paper.
  • Contact a writing company. You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you ask a company to do this for you. They can write whatever you want for a very small price, and you can be sure that the final result is high-quality. If you want to do it by yourself but you need some examples, you will be happy to know that writing companies also offer other services and they can give you some good samples.
  • Ask your professor. You work on your dissertation under the supervision of your professor, so why not ask him for some good samples? For sure he has plenty of helpful material, not to mention that he knows exactly what to give you. Even more, you can ask him for feedback as soon as the page is done. Of course, you will have to mention him first because he is the one who guided you through this.
  • Go online. When nothing else seems to work, you can go on the Internet and search for the information that you need. There are so many websites that offer examples and samples, that you will not even know what to choose. In general it’s better to look for those samples that look clean and professional. This means no grammar or punctuation mistakes and no colored font or pictures. You can borrow the structure of these pages and use them for your own.

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