Choosing Good Dissertation Topics In International Business

Choosing a topic for your dissertation is not easy. There are so many topics to choose from. You need to follow a few guidelines though to make sure that you are getting things together so that you can understand what is being asked of you. This paper will be one of the hardest papers that you will write to date. It will challenge your abilities.

If you are to start off with a really good topic, you can be sure that the rest of the paper is simple. Here are some great ways to find the topic that will yield the biggest success for you.

  1. Make a list
  2. Create a list of things that you learned while studying about international business. Ask yourself what things you would like to know more about. These can be general topics at this stage.

  3. Preliminary research
  4. Conduct some preliminary research on the topics in this list to get an idea of how much information is out there. You may find if you have a very general topic that there is a lot of research to sort through. You can also start to narrow down the general topics to sub topics that you would like to know more about as well. This will help you get a better idea of what you will end up writing your paper about.

  5. Narrow your list
  6. Now that you are starting to find out what evidence is out there that you can use to support your claims, start to narrow your list down to your top three. This is the revised list that you will work from.

  7. Develop a research question
  8. You will now need to develop a research question for your top three. This is when you will be able to really know which of your topics is going to work for this assignment. You will be able to learn a lot about whether you can develop a paper from your topics.

  9. Choose one
  10. The decision has to be made as to which one you are going to write about. You will need to develop a dissertation proposal at this point which will allow you to get your topic approved so that you can move onto the writing stage of your project. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t get approved the first time around. This happens to many students. Just rework it and try again.

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