Sample Business Dissertation Titles: 15 Great Ideas

While writing a dissertation on business topics it is easy to get confused. There are many different topics you can work on but the most important aspect is choosing the right one. With the right topic you can gather enough information and also impress the professors and at the same time get better grades. Since there are many different aspects in business studies you may have to decide on the perspective you wish to explore before you finalize on any specific topics.

Here are a few sample dissertation titles on business studies:

  1. An effective global business strategy.
  2. Can stock market’s behavior and fluctuation be rationalized?
  3. How does the recent concerns about global warming affect industries and business plans.
  4. Should the investing country have similar geographical location as the host country? Does it help if they are near?
  5. How does an online megastore affect small scale business?
  6. What brings about changes in a business organization and what are its effects on long standing employees.
  7. The business or retail banking and how can it be uplifted?
  8. The orthodox business plans of a successful organization. You will have to provide a case study and then describe how they become successful with detailed accounts.
  9. A detailed analysis of the country’s merger and acquisition policies and how they will benefit small scale business.
  10. The business policies adopted by the most successful online shopping websites.
  11. How a foreign venture capital investment company plan their exit strategy in the sector of private business.
  12. How do you retain employees at a international call centre? What is the business strategy?
  13. A detailed study of various financial firms and their various polices that makes money.
  14. A review of one of the most successful international clothing line. How their business policies have changed over the years.
  15. The right steps that a person should take to expand his small scale business? Is it even feasible in the recent economic scenario?

Give accurate and authentic figures

These are some of the topics that you can work on. There are many thousands different aspects and angels that you can further explore. You will have to plenty of research to find the facts and figures. Since it will be business dissertation there should be accurate figures so make sure you refer to genuine websites and other resources for your information.


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