How To Find A Great Doctoral Dissertation Template

Writing a doctoral dissertation is one of the most stressful and difficult pieces of academic writing that you will ever have to do. Having support is key, but sometimes tutors and teachers cannot help with the finer details. That’s where having a great template is a fantastic idea. But where do you get one from? Below are instructions on how to a great doctoral dissertation template to help you with your own work.

  • Look on Google
  • The first place to search is Google. Google has plenty of results and can access things from all over the internet. Using the correct key search terms is, of course, vital. If you use key terms that are too restrictive you won’t find what you need, but if you use terms that are too broad you’ll get too many results, and it will take hours to wade through all the irrelevant ones! Be careful also to include in your search the subject that your dissertation will be about because sometimes the structure of the piece will change depending on whether you are writing in English or science, for example.

  • Ask on forums
  • There are plenty of other doctoral students online, many of whom are connected through forums dedicated to studying at a certain level. Some of these people will be new, and some of them will be well into their studies, even in their last year. Some of these people may well have a sample template that they used or are still using. You can find these forums and write a request for someone else to share one of their templates. Students will tend to help other students, and they are used to sharing their work. As long as you do not plagiarise their work or anyone else’s, everything should be fine.

  • Go via University
  • Universities want their students to succeed, and will do mostly anything they can in order to ensure that. This means providing templates and samples of academic texts - including, but not limited to doctoral dissertations - on the main university homepages or specific departmental pages. Ask your tutor for the best way to get access to these, because sometimes they can be difficult to find at first. Sometimes you might even need to log in with your particular university I.D., but sometimes there will be samples available for free and easy access from your and other universities.

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