10 Up-To-Date Ideas For Writing A Dissertation In Journalism

Journalism is an extremely broad topic and writing a dissertation on this subject can be very rewarding and lead to a career in some area of this broad subject. Because the subject is so broad, the hardest thing will be deciding what to write your dissertation on. Usually the best topic to write on is something you are passionate about. This usually creates the best essays and articles of writing for anyone. Your passion for the subject always seems to show through. The whole paper flows better when you are writing about something you love. You tend to focus much more because you love what you are doing and you will spend much more time creating the dissertation because you love what you are doing. You are lucky if you can write your thesis on something you love so take your time and research ideas on journalism until you find something you really can spend numerous hours working on and enjoy what you are doing. Here are 10 up-to-date ideas for writing a dissertation in journalism:

  1. Journalism and professionalism – How far will some journalists go to get a story on the front page? How much lying is being done for notoriety?
  2. Journalism and the dangers involved – Journalists put their lives on the line on a daily basis. How far should they go to get the story?
  3. How does advertising affect the quality of a newspaper. Should the ads be controlling what gets printed in the newspaper?
  4. What do people really want to read? Is paparazzi and gossip or real news what sells newspapers? Is it all about news or money?
  5. How much should journalists be able to pry into the private lives of sports heroes?
  6. When accidents occur during sports games, how much should really be shown? Have we become a culture of just wanting to see the blood and gore or do we want to watch real sportsmanship? How much are journalists responsible for what we watch?
  7. Journalists are always looking for ways to sensationalize sporting events. Is this really necessary or are sporting events being played for money only as well?
  8. How much are journalists responsible for what we really know about war and terrorism? Are we being told the whole story or only what politicians want us to know? What responsibility to journalists take in bringing the whole truth or just what the government wants us to know?
  9. Is the internet destroying the true spirit of journalism?
  10. How much are we really molding out children by what journalists choose to report on?

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