12 Postgraduate Dissertation Topics In Economics: 15 Great Examples

The dissertation is one of the most daunting things that students will ever have to complete. This research paper is essentially the culmination of two decades of study. To graduate from a postgraduate economics program, students must research a topic in-depth and create an essay long enough to be a book.

Students can get a head start on this type of writing by thinking of a topic right away. If the student can select a topic quickly, they will have more time to actually research and write the economics dissertation. Before choosing a specific topic, the student should check the library to make sure that there are enough research materials available to support their project. If the library does not have enough research documents, the student has to find a library nearby that does or they have to switch topics. To start brainstorming some potential topic ideas, students can read through the following list.

  1. What are some of the commonalities between the top 50 Internet technology firms in the United States? Is there one or several factors that are shared by the most successful Internet technology businesses?

  2. What are the forces operating behind the salary inequalities that exist within the United States?

  3. How do entrepreneurial behaviors differ between urban areas and their rural counterparts?

  4. In practice, how is social capital used in Mexico and the United States? What are the implications of these differences?

  5. What can be learned from the Oregon health care lottery? How does this serve as an unintentional randomized study?

  6. What influence do immigrants have on shaping the entrepreneurial spirit of their adopted nation?

  7. How does the evolution of the family and switch from traditional nuclear families impact the economy?

  8. What is the relationship between economic convergence and salary levels in the United States?

  9. By having secret trade bills, countries are forced to litigate with international businesses and sometimes are forced to give up their own democratic policies in the process. What is the impact of fast-tracking international trade bills through the United States Congress?

  10. What are the economic positive externalities of regional development in one state for the surrounding states?

  11. For the last decade, Washington state's minimum wage has kept pace with inflation. It remains one of the highest in the nation. How does this heightened minimum wage affect unemployment in Washington state versus similar states?

  12. . How can capital asset pricing models be used in making investment decisions?

  13. What is the effect of capital inflows on the state of emerging market economies?

  14. Should national pay scales and the minimum wage be abolished?

  15. How did the international monetary system and floating exchange rates fuel the growth in speculative markets?

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