The Most Effective Writing Techniques: Narrowing Your Dissertation Topic

The first thing one should have in mind while writing a dissertation is choosing an appropriate topic .Most students panic because they want to make a perfect composition, for it will shape their future. Choosing the right dissertation subject will make the entire process easier and faster. For example, choose something you like or have experience with, appropriate to the matter of course .As long as you are familiar with the topic , it will be a pleasure for you to write and sustain in front of others . When we talk or write about something that we like or feel secure on, ideas will flow easier, and we will make less effort in writing the text itself. Besides, it will not require so much research, since you already have knowledge about his particular issue.

  • After you have decided what the subject of your composition is, put your ideas in order. Make a plan or a chart of what your dissertation paper will contain. Important is to keep in mind that you have to use appropriate definitions and terminology. Each one of your ideas presented must be explained in a few words, for the reader to acknowledge the fact that you are indeed secure on your paper and that you know what you are talking about.
  • Present facts , concepts and instances , causes and effects. Your project must carefully separate cause and effect relationships from simple statistical correlation. Present the whole “image” of your dissertation paper. If you want, you can even add pictures to match the content.
  • Avoid using phrases or words like “perfect” , nothing if perfect , “good” rather use better , “bad” , “lots of”, “probably” only if you know the statistical probability .
  • The speech must be eloquent and correct in terms of grammar and logic. Focus on the result, not on the circumstances of how it was obtained, avoid puns or jokes, for it is a formal paper and avoid expressing personal opinion until after you finished presenting your project. As I already mentioned, it is a formal paper where facts and logics matter, not opinions. Don’t stray too far from the subject. Information must be concise and clear, not confusing and controversial. Keep in mind that the key to success is practice . As long as you are familiar with the chosen topic, all you need is to practice the writing until it becomes natural.

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