Writing An Outstanding Dissertation: Top 10 Suggestions On How To Plan Your Work

Your dissertation is one of the biggest and most important events of your academic career. You want it to be the best paper possible. Here are 10 strategies you can use in planning your work to get the most benefit out of the time you have available.

  1. The writing can seem overwhelming. Break it up into smaller pieces by committing yourself to doing some writing every day. It makes the job much more manageable and you won’t burn out as quickly.
  2. Persevere. In other words, don’t give up. There will be parts of the work that are harder and more tedious than others; just keep going. You will be so relieved when it’s completed.
  3. Plan out your work on a daily basis by using a planner. Set goals and strive to accomplish them. This way you can make clear deadlines for yourself and check them off when the task is finished.
  4. Remember the job isn’t going to be effortless, but it will be much simpler when you make a plan and then stick to it. This monumental paper won’t get written by itself, but doing a little each day will certainly make it doable.
  5. Gather all your materials into one place to do your writing. Having everything centralized and organized will be of great benefit to getting your work done.
  6. Create and use an outline. This is the most important part of writing because it keeps you on the right track. It also gives you a method for logically organizing the main ideas for your paper. When it comes time to fill in all the details, your outline is the foundation you build upon.
  7. Write the body of your paper first. This is the place to put all of your research, findings, the problem you were investigating, the solutions you discovered, your interpretations.
  8. Next, write the introduction. It’s much easier to do after the body because it’s a summary of what your paper is all about.
  9. The conclusion is the final part of your writing. It’s also a summary of your paper but make sure it’s different than the introduction. It can say some of the same things but in a different way. Recommendations for further research may be included.
  10. Editing and proofreading add a final polishing touch to your paper and must not be omitted.

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