Inventing Great Music Undergraduate Dissertation Ideas

Are you wondering what should be an ideal topic for your dissertation in music for undergraduate level? Do you want to write an effective paper but do not know where to start? Do you have plenty of ideas but not sure how to organize them in a topic? Do you have the organizational skills but do not have any new ideas? Do you think it is impossible to find a fresh topic because every aspect is already discussed in past papers? Do you want to follow the instructions by your teacher for the topic but cannot do so? Do you find it almost next to impossible to choose a unique topic in the less time you have? Do you think it will be easier if someone guided you with choosing a great topic for your paper? Do you find it hard to choose a topic of your interest?

A dissertation undoubtedly is a critical task in student life because it decides whether the students qualify for higher-level degree or not. The topic of your dissertation plays an important role in the overall success of your paper. You might be able to engage or impress your audience with a catchy and interesting topic. On the other hand, if you put a lot of effort in your paper but the title seems boring, then the reader will not bother continuing to the rest of your work. This is very essential to hold your readers in the title because it will be the first impression of your paper.

To write a great topic, students need to follow two basic techniques

  1. Brainstorming- This is a process for generating fresh and unique ideas for your title. You need to find a peaceful corner and free your mind of any other thoughts to continue the brainstorming process.

  2. Elimination- brainstorming is not a well-edited or composed process and only collects ideas. You need to eliminate redundant and repetitive ideas in the elimination process

When you have a final topic after these two techniques, you can edit and rephrase it to make it look catchier and engaging

A few examples of the music dissertation topics for undergraduate level are as follows

  1. Pop music and the cultural changes it brought
  2. Are death metal and hard rock the kind of music rare people listen to
  3. The relationship between sad tones and depression

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